Hello Lovely Reader! 

This is me in a nutshell!

FABULOUS OLD LADY (but that’s only on the OUTSIDE. Inside I’m a fabulous kid. I used to say there’s a kid inside screaming to get out, but young mom’s were fearful I would make a quick snack of their children so I had to give that up.)

ENERGETIC (but sometimes lazy)

CREATIVE (but shamelessly steal other people’s ideas)

MULTI-MEDIA ARTIST (but sometimes/mostly it’s not so much “ART”, as it is doodling, sketching, messing around with acrylics, oil sticks, gel pens, crayons, glitter, watercolors, stickers, magic markers, buttons, beads, paper-mache, wire, fabric, ribbons, and having messy fun with found objects and salvaged junk, or whatever is shiney and potentially transformable into a Mahvelous  Pièce de résistance!)

VEGAN (but I’m pretty new at this so I’ve caught myself licking the cream cheese off  Boy Kid’s knife–BTW, there’s a Girl Kid in the house too, but she never puts cream cheese on her bagel so there’s not much opportunity for a little “Cheato” cream cheese there.)

My  Town is BEAUTIFUL BILLERICA, MASSACHUSETTS, USA. Oh yeah! I said it! Beautiful Billerica. If you don’t believe me, take a drive around the town center. Have you seen our remarkable Billerica Public Library with the stunning gold dome? Have you seen our former library, the Bennett Library Museum? Have you taken a stroll around our Billerica Common where free concerts are held on Tuesday evenings all summer long? And do you know about our annual Yankee Doodle Weekend every September come hell or high taxes? Now don’t you wish you lived in Beautiful Billerica too? Sure you do. Well, you can be an honorary Billerican just by visiting this site. Lucky you!!


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  3. very interesting bio of yourself and town. Being a vegan does that mean no cheese or dairy products or chicken of fish of the sea. I do eat chicken and fish and sometimes none of the above.

    i am as u are the same age but a child wanting to emrge from oneself. How about travel? I love to travel and i sure do remeber being with u and Merridth.

    Aslo it is fun to be on facebook inbwtween all that we do

    • Hi Sue, Thanks for dropping by!! Yes, vegan is totally plant-based– no eggs, dairy, or fish either. It’s not as difficult as you’d think. I’ll write more about that soon. I started a post about it, but it’s still in draft form.

      Oh, there certainly will be a post on Travel. I should have put more about that in my bio — but it deserves a big entry of its own. My goodness, Sue, didn’t we have fun in Russia!! The food on the riverboat was wonderful, and of course in the hotel in Moscow. What fabulous blini with sour cream and caviar!! I wasn’t vegan at the time and didn’t notice whether a vegan would have had difficulty. I certainly couldn’t have had the sour cream and caviar. But vodka is a whole different story!! Remember the interesting demo on vodka-drinking by the two adorable Russian bartenders? “Don’t sip it!!” LOL!

      I’m enjoying our Words with Friends games on facebook! I sometimes forget I have a game going letting several days go by before I play a word! I’ll add a post about my obsession with word games as well! We played Srabble in Russia too, remember?

      See you here soon! xoxo, Sadie

  4. Hi Sadie,

    I love your new website. I think the design represents the colorful personality of you to a T!

    My hat’s off to you, my dear, for going vegan. I know I couldn’t do it so I’m impressed by all who have been successful, given their carnivorous background. What made you decide to go vegan? Does your veganism include a ban on garlic and onions too? No dairy? So what will you do for calcium?

    I love your glass jars project. If I lived in Billerica, I surely would be out there every other day looking for your jars. 🙂 Since you’re in the spirit of this, have you participated in geocaching yet? I look for geocaches sometimes when I’m out and about. If you haven’t yet, check this out: http://www.geocaching.com/ And what’s cool about it, is that they have geocaches in different countries too. I found a geocache once when I was in Hong Kong. I’m off to Tokyo next week, and will see if I can squeeze in a little time to do a bit of geocaching before I leave.


    • Hi Caroline! Thanks for stopping by, and for the really exciting information about geocaching! I’d never heard of it, but now I’m so fascinated, I might even purchase a GPS to do my own Geocache searches. What fun. My 50 Glass Jars project doesn’t compare, it being of the low-tech distant cousin, but it is definitely similar in many ways.

      (YOU are Geocache to my Glass Jar!! You’re always jetting off to faraway lands while I sit here thinking up silly games!! LOL!!)

      My Glass Jars come with only one clue — they will all be hidden in public places somewhere in Billerica — and Billerica covers quite a large area. I’ve only hidden one so far, and it has not been reported as found yet. I’ll check out the hiding spot later to see if it’s still there. I’m thinking someone found it and discarded it.

      Oh no!!! I hope not!!!!! I certainly don’t mind if it is promptly discarded, but it would spoil the fun if it didn’t get reported!!!

      Have a wonderful time in Tokyo. I hope we connect in PERSON before the year is out!! Peace, xoxo, Sadie

    • Hi Caroline. I got off on a tangent about my Glass Jar Project and forgot to mention going vegan. Yeah, it happened on October 15, 2011, I know the precise date because I wrote it in my journal. I watched the film “Forks Over Knives” and mid-way through I declared for only my ears and my four walls to hear, “I will NEVER eat an animal product again!” Eggs would be acceptable IF I could find a RELIABLE source of gentle, humane care of the animals, with no added hormones or pesticides in their diets.

      Our friend Meredith’s son owns the wonderful Russell Orchards in Ipswich, MA. They are the closest source for humanely-raised, free-range, non-pesticide-hormone-fed chickens, geese, and ducks that I know about. I must make a visit there and pick up a supply of — hmmm, maybe geese eggs???

      Replacing dairy is not a problem — I love almond milk, soy milk, rice milk, oat milk, hemp milk … the list goes on!! It’s hard, however, to find good-tasting cheese substitutes. In fact, I haven’t found one except for cream cheese. Tofutti makes the Better than Cream Cheese spread and the Better than Sour Cream that are quite acceptable substitutes– delicious even! There are many other sources for calcium in the plant kingdon. Not to worry!! One day I’ll make a list of well-known vegans.
      Peace,xoxo, Sadie

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